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Happy painting! In a clip from this video workshop DVD, Bob Ross uses the palette knife to add a tree to this sun-drenched field. Acrylic painting of Moonlight night sky with a lonely ship - Продолжительность: 18:29 Paint with Shiba 1 158 437 просмотров Bob Ross - Meadow Stream (Season 5 Episode 13) - Продолжительность: 26:33 Bob Ross Recommended for you. How to Paint Flesh Colours Using the Zorn Palette with Alex Tzavaras - Продолжительность: 20:00 SIMPLIFY Drawing & Painting Recommended for you

Bob Ross The Joy Of Painting - Season 1 The Joy of Painting is an American half-hour instructional television show hosted by painter Bob Ross which ran from January 11, 1983 to May 17, 1994 Just need to marathon some Bob Ross goodness? Watch over 400+ continuous episodes of Bob Ross in The Joy of Painting! Random the Joy of Painting with Bob Ross 'Joy of Painting' fan Ralph Jean-Pierre faces Bob Ross in a 'race against time' — Bob Ross Challenge

Welcome to the OFFICIAL Bob Ross Fan Studio! See more of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross on Facebook Start your free trial to watch Bob Ross - The Joy of Painting and other popular TV shows and movies including new releases, classics, Hulu Originals, and more. Bob Ross - Joy of Painting (Trailer). 6 seasons available THE BOB ROSS NAME AND IMAGES ARE TRADEMARKS OF BOB ROSS INC. ALL IMAGES AND LINKED VIDEOS ARE OWNED BY BOB ROSS INC. TwoInchBrush.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for.. You can watch Bob Ross' Joy of Painting on Twitch.tv every single Monday, when they play a full season of the popular painting show. A bit of context: Twitch.tv celebrated the launch of its Twitch Creative vertical with a Joy of Painting marathon. Twitch Creative features artists and other creative.. A screenshot of a painting by Twitch Creative streamer Sohlol, with his own, particularly Twitch-y depiction of Bob Ross. Twitch, the online streaming service focused heavily on games, will run a marathon stream of every episode of that 80s/90s classic, The Joy of Painting

Bob Ross: The Joy of Painting - Autumn Stream - YouTub

On Friday, Twitch's nine-day streaming marathon of Bob Ross' The Joy of Painting came to an end. More than 183,000 viewers watched the final episode of the PBS painting show being streamed. More than 5.6 million viewers total watched Bob paint last week, making /bobross one of Twitch's most.. Official Bob Ross painting kits are widely available online, or source your own using a cobbled together Stream 23 Free Documentaries from PBS' Award-Winning American Experience Series. Bob Ross' Joy of Painting show on PBS Nashville, TN is one of the most enjoyable show on TV 29 birthday of the late painter Bob Ross with a nine-day stream of the artist's beloved PBS series, 'The Joy of Painting.' The social video platform secured the rights to all 404 episodes of Ross's art-focused TV series, The Joy of Painting, and they're all set to be broadcast at twitch.tv/bobross.. Bob Ross brought the technical know-how of traditional painting to the living rooms of millions through the cult PBS television series The Joy of Painting for over a decade. Now, the gaming community's online video platform Twitch will be marathon-streaming the series—all 403 happy little cloud-filled..

Bob Ross The Joy of Painting Autumn Stream - YouTub

67.71 USD. Hopefully Bob Ross will get some of the kickbacks too. Oh, nope, he died in 1995. I just Googled it. But his memory, his brushstrokes, and his Wet-on-Wet technique of laying down the paint aren't just living, but thriving, in The Joy of Painting set of 10 DVDs I said this before but no one commented, so I must say it again. I'm watching Series 2 - Episode 5 Autumn Splendor, and Bob said Now we have a lot of limbs to make here so I think I'll cheat just a little bit.

Bob Ross The Joy Of Painting - Season 1 : Free : Internet Archiv

  1. g-video site Twitch is broadcasting all 403 episodes of Bob Ross' folksy PBS instructional show The Joy of Painting to celebrate what would..
  2. On every single episode of the Joy of Painting, Bob Ross is always calm and joyful, kind and kindred. Ross's stream was different, though. There was something enchanting and unifying about watching possibly the kindest man to have walked the Earth encourage you to paint, to laugh a little..
  3. g video outfit Twitch has secured the rights to broadcast all 403 episodes of the well-coiffed artist's The Joy of Painting series. The magic runs for a week, starting today, over at Ross' Twitch channel, and is part of a bigger announcement: Twitch Creative is..
  4. (Seriously, The Joy of Painting could've been renamed Titanium White or Prussian Blue and devoted fans would've just gone with it.) Much as history likes to peg Bob Ross as an innovator, his art-for-the-masses television show was nothing new by the time The Joy of Painting premiered in 1983
  5. The Joy of Painting is an American half-hour instructional television show hosted by painter Bob Ross which ran from January 11, 1983 to May 17, 1994
  6. Bob Ross used to get 200 fan letters a day. When people who regularly wrote him fell out of touch, he would call them just to see if they were OK. HAPPY LITTLE TREES: The Joy of Painting Spread. 1. This is Your World - Your power in the situation. 2. Happy Accidents - A possible positive outcome..

Looking to watch Bob Ross: The Joy of Painting? 'Bob Ross: The Happy Painter' on Amazon Will Make You Miss 'The Joy of Painting'. By Josh Sorokach • Oct 23, 2018 Update 11/16: Bob Ross will be airing every Monday 8am Pacific (5pm CET) and ending at 2:30pm Pacific (11:30pm CET) AND 4pm PST and ending Twitch is streaming it officially (they bought rights) to the old show Joy of Painting. They did this because they are officially releasing a new creative..

The Joy of Painting - Wikipedi

  1. Bob Ross had a painting show on PBS fro 11 years. Although he has passed away, his show still remains popular. In honor of Ross' 73rd birthday this past Thursday, Twitch decided to live stream all 403 episodes of his former PBS show The Joy of Painting
  2. Because Bob Ross is cool? Nah, it was just interesting to see that many people get into it. Wouldn't have expected that many people to be all about Bob It's been a rough week and I would drop in and out of the Bob Ross stream each day and just listen to what he had to say and it really put things into..
  3. g online via Twitch Creative
  4. g back-to-back on Twitch.tv. The stream began on Thursday and will continue through November 6. Twitch is airing the episodes in honor of what would have been Ross' 73rd birthday on Thursday - the painter died of..
  5. g service Twitch will be serving up The Joy of Painting in its entirety, beginning at 2 p.m. Pacific Time today. The site, purchased by Amazon in 2014 for about $1 billion, is best known for its live strea

Random Bob Ross: Stream Bob Ross' The Joy of Painting

So, why is Bob Ross being streamed? For 30 minutes, Ross would breathe life into a blank canvas, painting breathtaking landscapes and scenery. Although Ross passed away in 1995 at the age of 52, just a year after The Joy of Painting came to an end, you can rewatch all 400 episodes of his Public.. Now You Can Watch Bob Ross' Joy of Painting Online For Free. If you're tucked away staying out of the cold this January and you already finished all your cozy Hygge activities, you might be interested to know that you can now watch all of Bob Ross' The Joy of Painting 403 episodes for free online Bob Ross' renowned PBS show 'The Joy Of Painting' is now on Netflix. Bob Ross, who is known for his signature afro and gentle, calming voice, hosted The Joy Of Painting on PBS from 1983 to 1994. Any child of the '80s knows that Bob Ross wasn't just a person — he was a movement All Bob Ross did was simplify oil painting and make it easier for beginners. For those that use Bob Ross's methods to discover the artist within themselves, they still have two choices: continue to enjoy the wet-on-wet method as Bob Ross did or develop further as an artist. If someone chooses the first.. Bob Ross Das Ausmalbuch: 64 Vorlagen nach den Bildern aus der Kultserie The Joy of Painting*. Bob Ross Freude am Malen: Neue Landschaften in Öl. Dokumentationen/Sport. Serieninfos, Streams, TV-Termine, News, Links zu Bob Ross - The Joy of Painting

Bob Ross - The Joy of Painting - S31-03 - Winding Stream

View More. Bob Ross the Joy of Painting: Autumn Stream Bob Ross is very photoshoppable. PBS streamed The Joy of Painting on Twitch. Among other things, the infamously inane Twitch Chat Or when presenting an animal they knew was released into the wild and possibly long dead at time of streaming

Video: The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross - Home Faceboo

Bob Ross hard at work in The Joy Of Painting Janson Media and BobRoss Inc. Hundreds of thousands of people are watching a marathon of classic TV art show The Joy Of Painting via a Twitch live stream. The show, starring artist Bob Ross, ran from 1983 to 1994 and consists of him painting.. The Bob Ross Joy of Painting Roku channel has 31 seasons of the popular painting how to show. The show ran from 1983 to 1994 so I am guessing they broke the show up into multiple seasons per year at some point. I have watched a few episodes so far and there have been zero ads.. His Joy of Painting program is the most recognized, most watched TV art show in history. Join Bob Ross as he paints a lovely scenic mountain surrounded by quiet, soft, misty foothills - a Pick up your brushes and paint along with Bob Ross - he creates a beautiful, rocky stream gently rippling through..

Bob Ross, the perm-sporting, velvet-voiced host of PBS's The Joy of Painting, is back on the unlikeliest of networks. Twitch.TV - the online livestreaming site best known for livestreaming playthroughs from professional video gamers is now broadcasting each of the Joy of Painting's 31.. Get this torrent PLAY/STREAM TORRENT. (Problems with magnets links are fixed by upgrading your torrent client!) Every needs a little bit of bob in their life. great tv show, i love to see it, but i'm searching for the covers of all the series joy uploaded. can you put them on the net to thanks The late Bob Ross was a national treasure that introduced millions of people to The Joy of Painting with his popular art instruction show on PBS. The show ran in the United States, Canada, and Europe from 1983 until 1994, and today it lives on in reruns. Ross was known for his unnaturally sunny.. ― Bob Ross, The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross, Vol. 29. All you need to paint is a few tools, a little instruction, and a vision in your mind. ― Bob Ross. When I was teaching my son Steve to paint, I used to tell him, just pretend he was a whisper, and he floated right across the mountain, that easy..

Last year, Twitch did an amazing Joy of Painting Bob Ross marathon on his 73rd birthday. The marathon played every episode, every season from start to finish minus the amazing theme song. Well, they are doing it again starting today because today would have been Bob Ross' 74th birthday It's not all fun and live-streaming games for Twitch. The new channel will highlight the site's lesser-known, but thriving community of artists seeking an online audience Used with permission of Bob Ross Inc. ® The 'Joy of Painting'..

Watch Bob Ross - The Joy of Painting Streaming Hulu (Free Trial

  1. Artistic coaching by Bob Ross. He teams up with Mother Nature to paint an awesome sky hovering over snow-covered mountains and glass-like reflections
  2. g every single episode of the classic television show The Joy of Painting. You can watch Bob Ross as he expertly paints happy trees The strea
  3. Join Bob Ross in the mountains of the east, and bask in the breathtaking serenity of a waterfall bubbling and splashing, nestled among the The Joy of Painting was a television show dedicated to the art of the late Bob Ross, during this half an hour television show, Bob would do his best to teach..

Find a list of all paintings done by Bob Ross in 'The Joy of Painting

Bob Ross once explained that he painted because I can create the kind of world that I want, and I can make this world as happy as I want it. Accipter snacked on Zingers and Donut Gems while rescuing this image from the British Empire. dpack_1 needs supplies to paint the future, and he's not talking.. Robert Norman 'Bob' Ross was born in Daytona Beach Florida. The future tv painting legend, was then installed into The USA's Air In the early 80's public tv was seen as a vehicle for marginilised ideas and performers, and Bob decided to front his own 'how to paint' type series called ' The joy of..

Bob Ross' Joy of Painting Streaming Twitch

AI Bot Writes an Episode of Bob Ross' The Joy of Painting. Keaton Patti, the man who had an AI bot write both a script for a Saw movie and an Olive Garden commercial had the same bot create an episode of Bob Ross' The Joy of Painting by having it watch the show over and over again Originally airing in 1982 on PBS in the United States and various outlets throughout Canada, Latin America, and Europe, the more than 400 episodes of Bob Ross's two series, The Joy of Painting and Beauty Is Everywhere are now available on YouTube and Netflix. He is a figure beloved by multiple.. Bob Ross introduces us to his Almighty assortment of tools and colors, tells us that anyone can paint, and creates a landscape of a forest path just after a rain shower. SIDENOTE: Has Will Ferrell ever played this guy

Bob Ross, the artist and TV personality who came to fame in the '80s for his PBS series The Joy of Painting, is now finding a second life on YouTube. As of Friday, Oct. 23, the first episode of the first season of the hit show from 1983 is now available to a new generation of would-be artists The twitterverse just can't hold in their joy at all 403 episodes of Bob Ross' The Joy of Painting series being live-streamed on Twitch to honor his 73rd birthday. Twitch Creative is streaming the PBS show as part of the launch of its new channel aimed at the creative community Watch full episodes of Bob Ross Joy of Painting and get the latest breaking news, exclusive videos and pictures, episode recaps and much more at TVGuide.com Bob is apparently a quite popular fellow. So in the interest of shamelessly fishing for more blog traffic, I've decided to have some fun with Bob and offer I first viewed a Bob Ross video in about 1990. It was an old video. He was teaching how to paint using my techniques which I developed after many..

Kid Tested, Mother Approved, and 100% Sucka Free. Bob Ross: Joy of Painting. Posted by Eyesofphases at 9:53 PM | Sunday, February 20, 2011. Man I loved me some Bob Ross! I used to sit in front of tv with watercolors trying to paint just like him. He was such a good man Artwork of the Week Archive. Home Web Bob Ross 'Joy of Painting' Videos. He's a bit of a figure of fun these days but I remember watching a few of the late Bob Ross's oil painting instruction programs on satellite and Rennies used to stock all his brushes, palettes etc You can add the Bob Ross Joy of Painting channel to your Roku here: https Within the 30-minute program, Ross painted an imaginary landscape, using the wet-on-wet oil painting technique, in which the painter continues adding paint on top of still-wet paint rather than waiting for each layer of paint.. Never place a Bob Ross painting close to a window or else birds will fly into it. Bob Ross moonlights as a cage fighter known as Rob Boss. Chuck Norris and Bob Ross made a bet to see who was the greatest painter in the world - the winner got to keep both paintings and the loser had to grow an afro

Bob Ross (1942-1995) was an American painter, art instructor, and the creator and host of PBS's The Joy of Painting, an instructional Started watching 'The Joy Of Painting' back in 1983. I lived in the Evansville, Ind. area and Bob came on every Saturday morning. I could be having a particularly bad.. Bob Ross gebruikt een beetje verbeelding en een heleboel kleur om dit zachte, luxe meerdecor in de vroege herfst te maken Bob Ross creates a breathtaking, misty wooded scene with tiny trickling creek that's fast and easy to recreate. Season 16 of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ros... In an almost watercolor appearance, Bob Ross paints this amazing secluded waterfall masterpiece with interesting tree and rock formations

Twitch will stream every episode of Bob Ross' 'Joy of Painting'

Painting scenes from life at the Elisabet Ney Museum in Austin, Texas. Time lapse video of me painting a forest landscape in oil paints. Music; www.bensound.com (copyright Steve Ross (Son Of Bob Ross) Full Episode (ONE PART) S3 E13 - Peacful Waters - Joy of Painting. 6.416 izlenme Bob Ross Paintings. Uploaded 01/07/2012. The Joy Of Painting. Share. Tweet. Share This Image. REPLAY GALLERY. Bob Ross Paintings Bob Ross The Joy of Painting PBS Intro Theme Chill Relaxing Piano Mandolin Larry Owens Afro Dude Full Version Intro Theme of Bob Ross Bob Ross Song Larry Muhoberac Happy Little trees Friend NPR Calm Focus Peaceful ASMR

It's a hypnotizing illusion Bob Ross delivered for 11 years on his show, The Joy Of Painting, which lasted from 1983 until a year before his death in 1995. Netflix recently added 25 episodes of the show to its streaming catalog (under the name Beauty Is Everywhere), demonstrating how compelling the.. The Joy of Painting is an American half-hour instructional television show hosted by painter Bob Ross, produced by PBS. Welcome to the joyful imaginative world of Bob Ross and his canvas. Learn how to paint beautiful scenes, and find happiness in his wonderful works 13 Natural Wonder. Bob Ross: The Joy of Painting (Season 15). ExpandClose. 1 Splendor of Winter. 12 Mighty Mountain Lake. 13 Wooded Stream Oval. Bob Ross: The Joy of Painting (Season 17)

Bob Ross Chat Simulator. >start of every painting Hi bob! >starts painting the sky RUINED Trees or we riot! >grabs the fan Also randomly throughout: computer specs Bob? man this guy doesn't interact with chat at all Bob 5v1 penta too stronk!! does he ever take brakes? the joy of beating.. Bob Ross, host of. Wikimedia Commons. Amazon's Twitch is expanding past its roots as an immensely successful video game live-streaming platform and into the Twitch is commemorating the launch of Twitch Creative by celebrating a beloved painter: Namely, the late Bob Ross, whose show The Joy.. Given the popularity of the PBS show The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross, you might not be surprised that someone has turned it into an app. What is surprising, however, is that the latest version of the app is audio only NordVPN

Twitch bringing Bob Ross' The Joy of Painting back every Monda

Login / Join N4G community now! Bob Ross: The Joy of Painting Free Shipping on orders over $35. Buy Bob Ross: The Joy of Painting at Walmart.com. Beautiful color paintings along with the story of the life and work of Bob Ross. This is a book that makes you feel good (remember those feel good comments while he was painting?) This wiki covers Bob Ross and his hit TV show The Joy of Painting. This website features a database of all paintings that are available on the official Bob Ross YouTube channel that were done on 'The Joy of Painting'

Bob Ross delights and encourages the painting hobbyist in this encore presentation of the The Best of the Joy of Painting. In these 52 entertaining and instructional episodes, selected from the vast Joy of Painting library, the soft-spoken Ross calmly creates natural scenes, including his trademark.. ..Bob Ross and his stream-of-consciousness art classes (housebound pensioners, carefree stoners, irony-hungry Generation X-ers, and presumably at least a But on The Joy Of Painting, at least, he never broke character. For more than a decade he addressed his audience in a register of unwavering.. NextNext post:Modern Solutions - Home Painters Toronto, Toronto Painters, Painting Contractor Toronto. Interior Paint Contractor - Xpert Custom Painting. Lightroom Coffee Break: Using the Metadata Painter in Lightroom Classic CC Browse and share the top Bob Ross Joy Of Painting GIFs from 2019 on Gfycat. The best GIFs for bob ross joy of painting. Share a GIF and browse these related GIF searches

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Bob Norman Ross was an American painter and television host. With his calm, patient nature, Ross came to prominence as the creator and host of The Joy of Painting, a long-running television program on public broadcast stations in the United States. Ross died of lymphoma at the age of 52 But I watched the Ross live stream last night for hours, and it was mostly peaceful. The messages that weren't automatically filtered out were filled with inside jokes, innocuous emoji, and a mixture of ironic and genuine If The Joy of Painting isn't even safe, there's a tremendous amount of work to be done One show we watched was The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross. So once he had what he wanted on tape, he'd set up his own makeshift painting studio in front of the living room TV. He spread newspapers on the floor to keep it clean, placed a canvas on the easel and laid out an impressive..

Bob Ross October 29 1942 o July 4 1995 was an American painter art instructor and television host. He is best known as the creator and host of The Joy of Painting, a television program that ran on PBS in the United States. Grow happy trees, fill quiet ponds, travel in the splendor of a snowy.. I used to always watch Bob Ross around the mid 90s and for some reason, I loved the way he painted trees and clouds! I also used to love Watercolour Challenge and wish It's called The Joy of Painting. If it gives enjoyment, pleasure or therapy then who cares whether it's real art or not. Does it claim to be

Twitch celebrates Bob Ross with a nine-day 'Joy of Painting' stream

Bob Ross was the host of a television show called The Joy of Painting in which he instructed viewers in the art of oil painting. During the course of a show, which was half an hour, he would paint an entire landscape full of happy little trees and pretty little mountains. He had a very optimistic.. Bob Ross presents a really unique idea using black gesso -- two lovely paintings in one -- summer and winter scenes overlapping on the same canvas! You can also buy, rent Bob Ross - The Joy of Painting on demand at iTunes online Grab it here. Sorry about the flow quality and dutch(i think) subtitles but its better than nothing. Enjoy (and by the way its not bob painting this) Bob Ross' The Joy of Painting was not merely an art show to the masses. Bob Ross served as not only a great landscape painter and television show host, but as a great inspiration to many through his affable personality and encouragement to his friends and viewers Robert Norman Bob Ross was an American painter, art instructor, and television host. He was best known as the creator and host of The Joy of Painting, a television program that aired on PBS in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Janson Media and BobRoss Inc. have allowed Twitch to..

I have several paintings hanging that I did as a casual viewer of those shows. You really could learn how to do it just by watching. The person who wanted to know about the other painter who painted somewhat like Bob Ross (joy of painting) was Ben Alexander 10. Ross' paintings were inspired by the lush mountainous landscape of Alaska, where he was stationed during his military time. 11. Ross passed away in 1995 at the age of 52 from lymphoma. The 11 seasons of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross continue to be popular. You can stream 26.. The Joy of Painting. PBS (ended 1994). The Joy of Painting was a television show dedicated to the art of the late Bob Ross, during this half an hour television show, Bob would do his best to teach everyone, from the most talented painter, to casual art type, his special techniques The Joy of Painting appeals on a nostalgic level to viewers who remember watching Bob Ross on TV when they were younger, Janson tells Inverse. It appeals to artists who are looking to learn how to paint or enjoy watching artists create. It also appeals to people who simply enjoy listening to Bob..

The beloved painter became famous more than 20 years ago for his mellow instructional art show The Joy of Painting. And now he's set to become a video game icon. I grew up watching Bob Ross on PBS and was always in awe of how quickly and smoothly he made these beautiful paintings, which.. Tagged with Creativity; Shared by Immf. Small selection of Bob Ross paintings. Report. Twitch.tv/bobross every episode of The Joy of Painting, streamed for the next five days, you're welcome Now, Calm has taken audio from The Joy Of Painting With Bob Ross and re-used it as an audio series that will help put you to sleep, and that just Speaking with the New York Times about the partnership, Joan Kowalski, the president of Bob Ross Inc., said, We asked ourselves, 'What would.. Bob Ross painting Shades of Grey from Joy of Painting's season 2, episode 4 (screenshot via YouTube). From the fiery Cactus at Sunset to the foggy Peaceful Waters, all 403 paintings Bob Ross created over the 11-year run of Joy of Painting are now compiled on an unofficial online..

Honestly, I've had a crush on Bob Ross ever since I was a little girl. It was something in the way he stroked the canvas and talked in that ever soothing voice Even PBS seems to turn its back to the man who invented hotel room painting. But we are in the internet age now and love everything retro Bob Ross - The Joy Of Painting - Royal Majesty - Video. Thought: You know they say its bad luck to see a painting before its done and all that as a graphics dude I use the same line only because I aint tryna be hearing 'no not that way', 'I don't want it like that', 'etc' Ebay has a 24×18 original Bob Ross oil painting of a lake with a mountain in the background. It's going for $750 (+100 for shipping). I liked his paintings and gave a few as gifts and bought one for myself. I had no idea he would become the cult figure that he did Twitch gained the rights to live-stream Bob Ross from BobRoss Inc. and Janson Media, whose participation helped introduce him to a younger generation of viewers who don't remember watching his calming From 3 PM PST to 9:30 PM PST, Twitch will run one season of The Joy of Painting Paint a picture. Experiment with DeviantArt's own digital drawing tools. I just saw something that evidently passed me by for a month! So, for everyone watching me in the same boat, it looks like 70 episodes of Bob Ross' The Joy of Painting have been made available for free on his own YouTube..

Mellow out and let Bob Ross show you why anybody can paint in his long-running series The Joy of Painting. He taught viewers oil painting techniques with his calming commentary and giant hair. Ross retired from The Joy of Painting in 1994 and passed away one year later at the young age of.. What unites Bob Ross with all of these videos is a phenomenon known as ASMR. For those who experience it, ASMR is most frequently described as the Needham, who believes working with Ross on the Joy of Painting was the most important thing he has done in his professional life, understands..

Remember Bob Ross and his show, The Joy of Painting? Now you can enjoy the gentle artist with the soft, hypnotic voice, as you grow your very own Bob Bob Ross created 30-minute masterpieces featuring distant mountain ranges, seascapes, forest scenes, and always with those happy little trees.. If anyone needs help with painting the Bob Ross method, as seen on TV, ask away! I am a Certified Bob Ross Instructor and have helped many people lear the JOY of Painting The Joy of Painting is an American half-hour instructional television show hosted by painter Bob Ross which ran from January 11, 1983 to May 17, 1994. In each episode, Ross taught techniques for landscape oil painting, completing a painting in each session To celebrate the launch of Twitch Creative, all 403 episodes of Bob Ross's oil painting show, The Joy of Painting, are being broadcasted at http Ross was born on October 29, 1942 which would have made Thursday his 73rd birthday. His show The Joy of Painting originally ran from January 11, 1983..

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